Honor Roll

Great to work with

     Reviewed On 10/02/2013 

Shelli gave us many great choices of vendors, and they all worked well, and worked together well. She also did a design board that was very helpful when discussing our ideas, wants and needs with the vendors. Finally, her planning sheets gave us a structure, so we knew what planning tasks to tackle when. On the day of the wedding, Shelli was able to coordinate with the rep from St. Louis Catering, photographer, band, and wedding party members so everyone was where they needed to be, when they needed to be there. St. Louis Catering/ Oliva threw us a little curve at the last minute by moving the band and dancing outside, instead of indoors. Luckily we had great weather, and Shelli to make sure it all ran smoothly. :) We were so happy with her!


     Reviewed On 10/02/2013 Emily

I hired Shelli as my wedding planner after our first meeting because our personalities matched so well. I could not have been happier with her work. I am not a creative person, but somehow my wedding turned out to be more amazing than I could have ever imagined. It was gorgeous and we received a ton of compliments. I could not have done it without her. I would absolutely recommend her. Shelli, THANK YOU SO MUCH! ~Emily

A wonderful experience

     Reviewed On 5/19/2013 Valerie I

Shelli is quiet and unassuming when you meet her but she is 100% hands on, and full-on professional where it counts! I cannot say enough good things. She is great with logistics and problem solving. She is proactive, available and smart! She is a stress reliever. We had a complicated wedding to organize in a four-month period from out-of-state. We had trouble finding the right wedding planner, but once we found Shelli, things ran very smoothly. She was truly excellent! We consider her a bargain, for all the work she put into our event, and how integral she was to its raging success! If I could give her more stars, I would! Just excellent, and I heartily recommend her!

wedding planner

     Reviewed On 10/29/2015 Michele B

Alison was great to work with! She kept calm throughout the whole process and handled any problems that came up. Having her there gave my daughter and me a peace of mind and allowed us to enjoy the day instead of worrying about every last minute detail.


     Reviewed On 10/04/2015 Alyson L

I can't say enough positive things about Shelli. She made our wedding day absolutely perfect and worry free. She does a great job of taking your thoughts and ideas and bringing them to life. She is extremely organized, easy to get in touch with, and I was amazed at the outcome of our wedding. Thank you Shelli!!

2015-10-06T13:42:06 RESPONSE FROM THE VENDOR

Thank you SO much! So happy I get to see your mom every Tuesday now that we know each other ;)

Couldn't have done it without them!

     Reviewed On 9/05/2015 Melissa S

Shelli and her team are absolutely amazing. We could not have had a more perfect wedding day and Shelli is a big reason why! We hired her before we had anything planned, so she helped us through every single step of the wedding planning. I had so many questions and really had no idea where to begin, but Shelli was always ready with an answer or solution. She created a vision for us that was spot on and helped us choose a venue, decor, flowers, invitations, and everything in between that were in line with that vision. She recommended countless vendors and helped us choose which ones were right for us - we could not be happier with each vendor we worked with! The best part about having Shelli and her team was the amount of stress they took away from us during the whole process. I can honestly say there were very few times I felt stressed while planning this wedding and it was all because of Shelli's work and everything she did to make it go smoothly. I was never worried about the day or how things would come together because I knew we were in good hands. I loved having Shelli by our side at our meetings with vendors as well. I was not someone who knew what I wanted ahead of time; in fact I knew nothing about flowers, centerpieces, linens, invitations, etc. so I had no idea what to expect going into some of those meetings. Luckily, Shelli was with us to give advice, share past experiences, and help us choose what she knew would be best for us and our wedding. She also brought us ideas that I would have never thought of that really helped make our day unique and special! I was also so happy to have Shelli, Julie and Allison helping coordinate everything on the day of the wedding. They were amazing, always checking to make sure we had everything we needed and if there was anything they could do to help. There were a couple of wardrobe mishaps with my dress and a bridesmaids' dress, but they were there with all of the tools to fix it before anyone would notice! I can't say enough about how great they all were to work with and am so happy we chose Alred Weddings to plan and coordinate our big day. It could not have been more perfect!! THANK YOU for everything!!

2015-10-06T13:41:09 RESPONSE FROM THE VENDOR

Thank you SO much for this amazing review! I always hate when weddings ends because I don't get to talk to the brides and families as often...I will especially miss talking with you and your mom!

Vision Came to Life!

     Reviewed On 8/18/2015 Beth S

I would recommend Alred Wedding Consultants to any bride who is looking to have a stress free day with all their details carefully taken care of. Shelli and Alison did an amazing job focusing on every detail of that day and coordinating with all my vendors and making sure everyone was where they needed to be at the right time. I was never stressed at all during the process because I knew they had everything organized. I never once had to think about any logistics that day or answer one question about the wedding day plan. I was able to enjoy every second of my magical night because they both had taken the time to ask me many questions about how I wanted everything to go and kept meticulous notes so that on my wedding day all the big to the tiny decisions had been carried out smoothly. They also did a great job recommending vendors since she has worked with so many great ones in the St. Louis area. It can be very overwhelming choosing vendors and I can't say enough how helpful it was to be guided through it all. They leave nothing up in the air, and catch everything in what I was looking for in a wedding planner. Thank you again Shelli and Alison for the most amazing wedding day experience!!

Shelli is AMAZING!!

     Reviewed On 1/20/2015 

First, I'm a photographer. I was hired to photograph an amazing 'destination' wedding in St. Louis. I'm based in San Francisco and the Bride and Groom were based in New York. Sounds like a challenging logistical situation, right? Well, think again. Shelli and the folks at Alred Wedding Consultants were incredible to work with. They helped to coordinate all of the pre-planning with myself and with the bride and groom. They were always quick with email and phone replies and were extremely helpful with suggesting some great locations for photos. And the weekend-long event was a smashing success. We did a rehearsal dinner at Busch Stadium (the baseball park) complete with fireworks. The ceremony was a day-long event with a Chinese wedding ceremony, a tea ceremony, a traditional western ceremony, and an amazing reception. I couldn't have imagined photographing and planning all of this without Shelli's expert guidance. Anyone thinking about hiring Shelli - stop thinking and just do it!! She is the best. - Drew http://www.drewbirdphoto.com

One of the best choices I made!

     Reviewed On 11/05/2014 Jennifer T

When I initially started my wedding planning, I didn't really think that I needed a wedding planner. But as time went along, I realized I needed some professional advice for vendors and day-of-planning. Hiring Shelli and her team was one of the best decisions I ever made. From the start, Shelli showed herself to be friendly, knowledgeable, and wise. Before meeting with Shelli, I'd visited several wedding gown boutiques and tried on dresses with no luck. Once Shelli saw me and got to know me, she gave me a suggestion for a bridal boutique and even showed me a picture of a gown she thought I would look great in. Shelli was SPOT ON! All of her vendor recommendations were great choices. Weeks before the wedding, she helped organize and nail down final details, bringing things to my attention that I'd never even thought of. Shelli and her team member Allison were invaluable the day of my wedding! My wedding party and even some guests raved about how professional they were. Even in crisis (nothing like getting makeup on my dress 5 minutes before I was to walk down the aisle!), Shelli was calm, collected, and resourceful. I cannot image that my wedding would have flowed so smoothly without Shelli and Allison. Love, love, love Alred Wedding Consultants.

Best decision you can make

     Reviewed On 10/16/2014 Blythe B

Shelli Alred and her team are the masters of their craft. They are very well respected in St. Louis and come highly recommended from vendors who love working with them. The relationships they've built make for a very smooth event. Shelli listens and respects your ideas, while guiding you toward the best possible choices. You can relax and feel like a guest at your own wedding, and any glitches will be handled without you even knowing. Plus, Shelli is just fun to work with. She will relieve your stress and keep you laughing while doing all the hard work behind the scenes. She stays within or below your budget, getting the best deals, which more than makes up for the cost of hiring a wedding planner. We had a few complications, from family drama to the groom's missing tie and other hiccups. But whatever comes up, you can be confident that Shelli can not only handle it but make everything better in the end. Don't get married without her!

Perfect Wedding

     Reviewed On 11/12/2013 Caitlin M

I had the perfect wedding thanks to Shelli. Shelli took care of every detail and I knew I didn't have to worry about anything going wrong. She took care of things I didn't even know I needed to make sure I took care of. Shelli worked with all of our vendors to make sure everything went smoothly. She was a delight to work with, even telling me jokes to calm me down as I was tearing up before I walked down the aisle. From the rehearsal, to the ceremony to the reception Shelli made sure everything was taken care of. She made sure our bridal party had everything they need and that they were in the right place at the right time. The best part was not only did I not have to worry but my mom and dad didn't need to worry about anything either. After every meeting with Shelli I went into feeling frazzled and I would come out calm and prepared. She and her team really went above and beyond to make sure we had the perfect day.